Beginning to Feel Like Spring Has Sprung

It’s been awhile since I made a photo post, I realize, and it being Friday, perhaps I can resurrect photo Friday as an institution. Mainly I just haven’t been taking pictures of anything interesting, or I have been taking them in dribs and drabs, so I haven’t had much to post. But the garden is really starting to spring into action, as six:fourteen readers have probably noticed, so I thought I would share some garden porn.

Like my crocuses, which exploded into bloom last week, although they have largely faded now:


Crocuses are awesome, because they bloom before everything else, like an early sign that spring really is on the way. I got some purple ones, and I got some white ones:

crocuses in bloom

Although I didn’t mean to do it when I planted the bulbs, the purple and white flowers ended up clustering together, which I thought was very interesting. You can also catch a glimpse of the faint purple streaks on these blossoms, if you look closely.

The peach tree is also gearing up for action:

peach blossom

This blossom is visible from my living room window, so I have been keeping an eye on it as it develops. Maybe I’ll start a peach a day project, and photograph it every day as it develops. Hopefully the peaches this year will be better than last years, which tasted like ass on a stick.

japanese maple

The Northern Japanese maple is also starting to really bust out. It must be getting more sun exposure, or it may just be more happy with life; the others are clearly lagging behind. One is really badly windburned, which is a major bummer. I am going to have to prune most of it away, I think. I didn’t expect it to be so damaged, since it seemed to be doing well, so I am actually rather surprised. The one which I thought was seriously windburned appears to be recovering well, and it is covered in tiny buds which are working their way up into leafdom.

tulip in bud

No garden is complete without…

tulip in bloom


I hope y’all enjoyed today’s post. RSS readers may note that I didn’t use a slideshow; if you prefer the slideshow-free version, let me know, because otherwise I may revert to doing slideshows, since this post took approximately 10 times as long to do this way than it would have had I done a slideshow. But if it really makes you happy, I’ll do photo posts this way in the future. Because I love you all so very much. That was a very rambling paragraph. I apologize.

Now go have a nice weekend. The equinox is coming right up, and then it will seriously be spring.