Reader Poll For Science


(This photo was taken by Julie, who kindly uploaded it to her Flickr set and licensed it with Creative Commons. I like sharing! And here’s her blog.)

Readers, I have a pressing and urgent question for you.

I was reading recently that some people do not generate stinky pee when they eat asparagus, or perhaps they are lacking the receptors in their noses to realize that they are generating stinky pee. So I’m putting the question to you: what happens when you eat asparagus and you pee?

I have no idea if my nifty poll will show up in RSS or not, but I guess I’ll find out. Feel free to add comments, especially if you are in the medical community and you can bring your knowledge to bear on this pressing issue. If you “don’t eat asparagus,” start, because it’s one of the most perfect and wonderful vegetables on the Earth.

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