On Clinton

Because I hate Hillary more, I’m going to do a two column breakdown on her first, to make sure that anyone who is actually voting tomorrow will definitely see it. Look out for Obama tomorrow morning!

Reasons I Like Clinton:

She’s making at least a half hearted attempt at some sort of universal health care plan.

She is pro-choice.

She has a very strong record on animal welfare issues.

She supports a strong separation between Church and State.

She thinks that the arts are a good thing.

She has a strong civil rights record.

She does not back the Bush tax cuts.

“The unfettered free market has been the most radically disruptive force in American life in the last generation.”

She supports the development of alternative energy.

She supports rehabilitation and treatment for drug abuse related crimes.

She has a reasonably good environmental record.

Supports net neutrality.

Reasons I Don’t Like Clinton:

She’s a hawk. Straight up. And you all know it. Expect lots of splendid little wars if she is elected.

To wit, Bill Clinton’s era in the White House was marked by a number of “interventions” which she heavily supported. Oddly enough, she opposes intervention in Darfur.

Her campaign has used dirty, sneaky tactics. And I personally don’t like that. I know that campaigns get dirty, and I expect some smearing, but she has really stooped low.

Government contractors love her.

She often fails to show for major/controversial Senate votes. So do all the major candidates, to be strictly fair.

Her top campaign contributors are investment banks. Big money likes to maintain a certain…status quo, shall we say.

She does not support single payer healthcare.

She has not really adequately explained her entanglement with corporations like Wal*Mart.

She supports the Social Security tax cap.

She voted for the idiotic border fence.

Ambivalent on LGBT rights.

Yes, driver’s licenses for immigrants. Wait, no. Wait, yes…wait, what’s politically convenient? (I use this as one example to illustrate her tendency to pander to what is convenient, rather than standing up for what she believes is right.)

“no option can be taken off the table” with regards to Iran.

She voted yes on the war, and refuses to regret this.

No timetable for troop withdrawal.

She believes that national security is more important than human rights. (About halfway down the page.)

She supports the outlawing of flag burning.

Pro death penalty.

She supports the three-strikes law.

Again, please take note that this is a grossly simplified list which undoubtedly leaves out a lot of points in both columns. This is meant to be a starting point in your own political explorations, not a be all and end all. Ultimate the decision about who to vote for lies with you and you alone, and I’m sure I’ve left out some issues which are important to you.

I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for (well, I am, I suppose), because the act of researching a candidate and voting for him or her is more important to me than anything else. If voters took the time to educate themselves, rather than blindly following directions, maybe this country would actually change.