As I hope you all know, tonight is the season premier of Jericho: Season Two. It airs on CBS at 10pm. So watch it. If you need to get all fired up, CBS has a bunch of delicious season two previews up, and let me tell you that they got me all excited. I even wiggled around a little bit on my big blue ball, and there may have been a faint squeaking noise to convey unbearable excitement, but I won’t swear to it.

If you’re tired of hearing me blather about Jericho, that’s just too darn bad. Go read a newspaper or something.

There are only seven episodes in season two, thanks to the cancellation and then restoration of the show, which kind of put a crimp in creating a full season. I’m hoping that there will be a season three, and perhaps a four as well, but that’s not going to happen without huge popular support for Jericho.

I have found that everyone whom I introduce to the show loves it, and they are looking forward to the second season almost as much as I am. Jericho has a huge following, especially among us young’uns, and unfortunately we don’t get counted because most of us watch Jericho online, taking advantage of this whole “new media revolution.” Since CBS is obviously just giving up on the show, apparently it is up to us to make sure that Jericho survives.

If you haven’t gotten into the show yet, you really should. It’s a post-apocalyptic drama with explosions, car chases, plagues, and hot chicks in tight shirts. There’s pretty much everything anyone could ever want in a television show, including daring doctors, sexy rebels, stern motherly figures, smokin’ hot geekettes, rugged sheriffs, and ponies. As I’ve said before, I’ll loan my season one DVDs to anyone local who wants to watch the show and promises to be nice to them, and you can also get them from your local video store. They’re also up on the CBS site, right here.  Watch the pilot and see if it piques your interest.

If you watch the first episode of the second season and like it, write a letter to CBS and tell them all about it.  If you’ve just cottoned on to the whole Jericho thing and you watch some episodes from season one and you like them, write CBS and tell them how glad you are that a second season is available. And spread the gospel of Jericho so that we can look forward to more seasons in the future.

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