Book Forty-Five: Dexter in the Dark

I had forgotten that I had ordered this book, on my Dexter binge. At any rate, my big plan for the day was to work on a top secret and soon to be revealed project, and then take a bike ride up to the library to return my books and pick up my new ones. Only first I had to finish this, and now it’s fizzling out (yes, I said fizzling), so I don’t want to risk getting my library books wet. And now I’m out of fresh reading material.

For those of you not familiar with the Dexter series, the books are about a serial killer with a heart, so to speak, who works in the crime lab for the Miami police department. His sister’s a cop, his girlfriend’s a…actually, I don’t think we know what Rita does, and Rita has two kids, Astor and Cody. And then there’s an assorted cast of supporting characters ranging from a media whoring captain to a few nasty people who are eliminated by Dexter. A rollicking good time for all, and a nice trashy read for a rainy day.

Anyway. This book gave me the sense that Lindsay is perhaps getting a bit bored with his creation, given that he added an elder god to the mix this time. Or maybe he was just flexing his creative spirit. At any rate, I think this book is weaker than the other Dexter books. It also kind of troubles me that Lindsay has turned Rita’s children into Dexter’s new proteges. I think that one lovable and ethical serial killer is enough; there’s something about the thought of him teaching the children that just sort of…doesn’t work for me.

I’m wondering if Lindsay has been pushed into a contract, now that the story has been adapted for Showtime, and maybe he’s being expected to churn out a book every few months to keep people into it. The Showtime series has diverged pretty radically from the books at this point, so it will be interesting to see where this goes.


Dexter in the Dark, by Jeff Lindsay. Published 2007, 303 pages. Fiction.