Storm, Day Two

So there was a big storm. And the power went out. And I wasn’t actually able to post on Saturday, 5 January. But I did write a blog entry on the back of some pages from my “Stuff on My Cat” calendar, and I did take pictures. So enjoy.

blog entry

First, the blog entry above, which I wrote in the morning. Then, I cruised downtown to check out the damage…

downed lines

Lots of downed lines.

more downed lines

Later adventures in town yielded a fiesta of downed lines. Everywhere.

I also snapped a neighbor’s newspaper:

newspaper on the ground

downed tree

Here’s a downed tree, by the Guest House. It was at this point that I noticed that downtown had power, and I started to feel a bit irked, because I did not.

fallen store sign

The Skunk Train’s sign fell down.

I wandered around town for awhile, noting that all systems appeared to be go and hoping that my power had gone on in my absence. This turned out not to be the case, and after sulking at home for a few hours, I went back out to Headlands, where I bitched and moaned about not having power, and then I left and got some delicious food at the Bistro. And then I went to visit friends who live a block away, and do have power. I skulked at their house as late as I decently could and then I went home to my freezing cold house and set up for bed:

candles to read by

I hoped the power would be on in the morrow.