Storm, Day One

Obviously, I didn’t actually write this entry late at night on Friday, 4 January, because my power went out. I am, in fact, guilty of back posting. But I wanted my storm posts to have continuity for future generations of readers, so I went ahead and did it anyway.

I woke up on Friday morning to the sound of…generators. And the sight of no power. Given the extreme weather conditions the night before, I wasn’t that surprised, and I settled in for the long haul. Fortunately, Petey and Baxt came by, and we went on an adventure to go check out damage. First we swung by City Hall, and then we went to the harbor:

noyo bridge

The sky was momentarily blue, but you can see the foreboding clouds overhead.

stairs washed ashore

For all I know, these stairs have been washed ashore for months. I don’t really hang out in the harbor all that much. Anyway, here they are, being stairs.

Walking towards the water, we were greeted with this friendly sign:

sneaker wave warning sign

waves entering noyo harbor

And these rough waves. The water is brown, incidentally, from washed out topsoil, not because the Noyo is some nasty polluted river.

choppy waves

It was pretty choppy out there.

We also went to Harvest, which was a complete madhouse. People were stocking up on beer and other random items. Lines were long. I got satsumas and bread. Mmm. Bread.

Later that day, Felicia brought me dinner, which was awesome, and we played a game of Scrabble by candlelight:

scrabble by candlelight

After she left, I went to bed, mounding on the blankets against the growing cold and establishing a candlit bedside light:

candles by a bed