Photos on Friday

The weather has been less than ideal lately, which means I haven’t really been out with my camera. This is also partly because I have been very busy with work, and generally very lazy and disinclined to go outside. I’m hoping to rectify this situation over the weekend, but for now it’s Friday, and I try to post photos on Fridays, but I don’t have any awesome photographic adventures to feature.

So, I decided to showcase the photographs that are up on six:fourteen, my photography site. Some of these images may be familiar to you because they have been posted here before, but others are entirely new, and I think that some of them are pretty excellent.

I try to post photos here that are interesting and at least tangentially related to some sort of theme, like a cemetery adventure or a bike ride on the Haul Road. Because I post photographs individually on six:fourteen, it allows me a lot more leeway to do things like a week of flower macros, which I don’t think many of you would stand for over here. So a lot of these photographs will be new, and I hope interesting.

You may note that I have a bit of an obsession with lichen. And holes. And decaying trains. I think it’s the last bit of goth inside me, working its way out. Sometimes I manage to get a lichen/hole/train trifecta, and it fills me with so much happiness that it’s exactly like eating a candybar.

As usual, click on a photograph to stop the slideshow and show the details.