Oh My Lord, Fat People!

So, the big news of the day yesterday was that the fatosphere made it into the New York Times. Not only that, but the article linked to a bunch of awesome fat acceptance blogs, so they all got deluged promptly with traffic (and trolls, of course). At any rate, the article is well worth reading, because I happen to think that it marks a pretty landmark moment in the fat acceptance movement. Or maybe not. In this easy come easy go world of news, maybe everyone will have forgotten the message by Thursday.

Fat people. In the Times. Happy fat people. As in, people who are fat, and like their bodies. Not an article about weight loss surgery, or anorexia, or misery with being fat. A positive article all about fat. It’s pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread. Well, maybe not since sliced bread, but you get the picture.

It has been really interesting to read the reaction among fat bloggers (as in bloggers who focus specially on size, rather than intermittently, like I do. Although they may be physically fat as well.) I think that a lot of people are incredibly excited, as well they should be, although most of the linked sites were forced to put up posts explaining their comments policy and the health at every size movement, because the trolls moved in quickly. Oh, how they moved in. In fact, the comments from the trolls and the responses are pretty amusing to read.

I loved that the article talked about some of the complex science going on around health and weight. I also loved the fact that the article was remarkably positive, including a lot of well structured quotes and having a generally upbeat message about fat blogging. Given that the Times is a pretty widely read paper, I would like to think that some fatties picked up the paper yesterday and saw a light at the end of the tunnel of hatred and rabid rhetoric, and that is pretty damn cool. Fat blogging has definitely exploded in the last year or so, and I think that fact that it’s in the Times is very telling, because it indicates that fat acceptance is starting to go mainstream.

I would like to live in a world where people are judged on the basis of who they are, rather than how they look, but I’m not sure how realistic that longing is. Until then, I’m glad to see that the fat acceptance movement is starting to hit the eyeballs of the rest of society, albeit with a lot of resistance, because it suggests that our thinking about fat, as a society, may be slowly changing. It may take awhile, and we may never quite there, but this is a big, fat step for mankind.

The Times even linked to an RSS feed of major fat acceptance blogs, which they regrettably called “obesity blogs.”  Getting link love from the Times is pretty much my wet dream, personally, so I extend hearty congratulations to all of the bloggers mentioned in the article, and I encourage you to go check out their sites (most of which I read on a regular basis), because they are excellent, informative, and perhaps…eye opening for those of you who aren’t quite ready to embrace fat acceptance in all its curvy glory.

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  1. I wish that people would think of healthy as separated from size… don’t we all know thin people who are unhealthy? And I know plenty of people who would be called fat who eat MUCH better than I do and exercise almost every day. It’s just to simple to say thin=healthy and fat=unhealthy.

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