New Year

I went on a bike ride on the Haul Road yesterday, because I knew that I would be idling around the house all day today waiting for the electrician. Well, not idling, actually, I am working, but the point is that I wanted to take awesome nature pictures to post today, since it’s sort of what I do on major holidays. Not that New Year’s is a major holiday for me at this point, it’s more like “hey ho, another year, another chance to screw up,” but maybe this will be the year I won’t screw up. Maybe this will be the year of awesome, when wonderful things happen. Also, I wanted to go on a bike ride because I haven’t gone out in a week or so, thanks to the invasion of the masses. All of whom I enjoyed seeing, but my great plan with Tristan of going for a bike ride or two while he was out here was apparently foiled.

At any rate, it was beautifully sunny yesterday, and quite toasty, at least from my perspective in a windbreaker on a bike, although the pedestrians might have felt differently about the whole affair. However, the surf was pounding; the National Weather Service says rain tomorrow, and I don’t doubt it with surf like that. So I took a bunch of pictures of the surf, although it was difficult to convey the sheer scale.

waves on a sunny day

You have to remember that I was on top of a very tall cliff, and not close to the edge, but a fair ways from it. These cattails are right by the road, and that little outcropping was, uhm, far away from me. I am very bad with distances. So those waves were huge. I could see the spume and foam coming up over the edge of the cliff, which was quite impressive.

My Chinese mother calls cattails “hot dog plants” incidentally.

waves on a sunny day

Here’s the same wave seconds later, cresting. See? Big.

waves again

Here’s a gratuitous foam shot without the cattails in the way, so you can really see the action. I really cannot fully communicate how incredible it was with pictures. As I mounted up and headed for the trestle, I thought about how excellent is is to be living at home again, and how thankful I was for being able to tootle along on a bike ride on a sunny day in a place that I love. I spent the leisurely ride back to the trestle gazing at the surf; I noted that most of the other people along the road did likewise.

peace signs on the beach

From the trestle, I spotted these peace signs. It’s a little hard to tell, but there really were two. And the waves are still very large, although they happened to calm down right as I took this picture, probably to belie my claims of how huge they were. If it seriously gets storming, hopefully I can go to Jughandle and take some pictures of storm surge for you’all, then you can really see how we roll around here. Wet. And wild. That’s how.

I hope that all of you had a pleasant New Year’s, and that excellent things happen to you in the coming 12 months. I sense a great deal of excitement ahead (Iowa caucuses only three days away! Will there be an Edwards upset?) and I look forward to sharing it with you.