January Book Project Report

If you’re new to the Book Project and wondering what the heck this is all about, I am writing about every book I read in 2008. Here are details from my post announcing the Book Project:

Within reason, I will also try to read every book you folks recommend to me. I tend to hit the library for book recommendations, in case I don’t like the books, so that I don’t have to buy them, but I should warn you that my library is not the greatest. Although it does try very hard. The point is, I may not be able to get every recommended book through the library. If you really want me to read something, you can mail it to me: s.e. smith, PO Box 2764, Fort Bragg, California, 95437. I will pledge to read every single book that is sent to that post office box. If it’s some sort of rare one of a kind book that you want returned, I will also mail it back to you, as long as you include a slip with a note indicating that you want it back, along with your name and address. This pledge holds true even I get BoingBoinged or something and end up with thousands of books to read. Which would actually be kind of neat.

Now, on to the statistics:

In January, I read 21 books for a total of 6,261 pages. Technically I read a few more pages than that because I am halfway through The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, but I’ll stick to completed books. That works out to an average of 2/3 of a book and 201 pages a day.

The Sparrow was my favourite book this month, because it’s a book with so much depth and complexity that I find myself reading it again and again to know it better. And because it plays on a lot of themes which have come to be important in my own life. My least favourite book was Rule Number Two, which was poorly written and indifferently constructed. The book which had a most unexpected impact on me was probably Girl Meets God, which turned out to provide a lot of food for thought, and to play a role in a cathartic moment which happened mere days after reading it.

If you have suggestions or book recommendations, add them in the comments!