I Need a Bigger Chair

But to explain why, you need to see the following chronicle of my workday yesterday.

I started out in The Chair with Mr. Bell. We have a good working relationship; he curls up in the front, I rest my keyboard on him, and we call it good. Then he got up, and Loki came over.

Loki on The Chair

Loki is not so familiar with being a keyboard stand, but he started to get the hang of it. He actually makes a pretty good keyboard rest, because he’s so broad. And warm. It was cold, so it was nice to have a foot warmer.

This post gets pretty image heavy, so I am sticking it behind a jump so that it doesn’t totally clog your browser. I am also doing this because stories about cats are not fascinating to everyone, so I wanted to provide you with the option of not reading this one.

Then Loki decided he wasn’t comfortable, so he squirmed around:

Loki under the keyboard

And then he started getting annoyed because I was contorting myself to photograph him:

Loki under the keyboard

And then Mr. Bell decided that he wanted to sit on the chair too:

Mr Bell on the keyboard

They worked it out:

Mr Bell and Loki share

Shadow looked on woefully from the ground. There was a time when all four of us fit, but some of us have gotten larger, making that a bit difficult.

I got up to pee and came back to this:

Mr Bell and Shadow share

I protested feebly that they needed to move so that I could sit down and work and they countered with this:

Mr Bell and Shadow share

I mean, what do you do in the face of something that cute? I finally managed to negotiate a thin sliver of space for myself:

Mr Bell and Shadow share

They were willing to compromise.

Mr Bell and Shadow share

Until this happened:

Loki moves in

That would be Mr. Bell’s head which Loki is stepping on, although you can’t see it because he’s under the blanket.

This went on pretty much all day, with a constantly cycling population of cats in the chair, fighting for supremacy. We never got to a stable point with all three, because they just won’t fit.

So, there are a couple of solutions to this problem. I could not use the chair for work, since they obviously like sitting in it and I don’t have to battle for custody of the ball with the cats. I could also just be ruthless and force cats to move when they are in the way while I work, but that doesn’t seem very nice, to me. I could also get a second chair, which would probably cause them to abandon both chairs, or I could get a giant chair which would accommodate all of us. Or I could hope it stops being freezing cold, making the chair less appealing, since right now they like using me as a radiator and hiding under the blanket, because even with the crappy electric heater running, it is still really, really cold.