Cuffy’s Cove

Last week, before the storm, Petey, Baxt, and I went to Cuffy’s Cove, the Elk Cemetery. Unbeknownst to us, Cuffy’s Cove actually has three different sections. We entered Druid’s (we didn’t see any) and wandered over the to Catholic section without ever entering the community cemetery, which is kind of a bummer. All of the photos below are from the Catholic section, because, let’s face it, Catholics know how to party. And design headstones.

The biggest problem with our trip was that it was getting late, and it was therefore both cold and dark. Icy gusts whipped around us as we raced through Cuffy’s Cove in an attempt to get decent shots, and when I got home, most of my photos were blurry or they had mysterious pieces of grass in them. I pulled the best, which are posted below for your edification (if you’re reading via RSS, you will need to click through to see the photos, sorry):

One interesting thing about Cuffy’s Cove is the VFW stars. I haven’t seen them at other cemeteries, and I’m not sure why there were so many at Cuffy’s Cove, since Veterans of Foreign Wars are presumably buried in all our cemeteries. Maybe the VFW is especially active in Elk? The other big mystery, for me, was the wooden hand-painted crosses used as grave markers; I’m used to one or two, but not a whole row of them.

The crowning glory of the cemetery is definitely the giant statue of Mary holding the cross. It towers over the Northeastern corner, which is already foreboding enough, thanks to the row of huge cypresses. In fact, the whole cemetery is a bit creepy, but I am inclined to ascribe that to the gloomy conditions prevailing on the day that we went.

Like several other stops in the cemetery tour, Cuffy’s Cove has an amazing ocean view which must be stunning on sunny days. We took advantage of the view to scan the incoming storm clouds, which were quite impressive. The community cemetery is actually on a hill which slopes above the Catholic section, and I’ll bet the view there is even better.

On our way out, I noticed a funny error; the gates say “Cuffey’s Cove,” while the rest of the signage says “Cuffy’s Cove.” It’s obviously “Cuffy’s Cove,” and someone just messed up on the gate; I’m sure that I am not the first person to notice the problem, so I assume it would be expensive to fix…