The Book Project

Given that tomorrow is the start of the Book Project, I thought I ought to explain what the Book Project is, and how it is going to work.

The idea for the Book Project was seeded when I wrote about two food related books recently, and then reinforced when a friend asked me how many books a week I read. I threw out a number (four to 10, depending on the week and the books), but I was curious to know how many books I actually do read. And what kind of books I read, and how many books I re-read.

So, the Book Project. It’s pretty simple; I will write about every book I read in 2008, with no exceptions. If I read a cheesy piece of chicklit on a plane somewhere, I will write about it. If I study for the MCAT, you people will be the first to know. I will trash books I don’t like, and praise books I do enjoy. The idea is to have a brief review of each book, and if I reread a book over the course of the year, I might reflect on the new things I get out of it from the re-reading. I think it’s going to be interesting to trace my reading habits over the course of a year.

Within reason, I will also try to read every book you folks recommend to me. I tend to hit the library for book recommendations, in case I don’t like the books, so that I don’t have to buy them, but I should warn you that my library is not the greatest. Although it does try very hard. The point is, I may not be able to get every recommended book through the library. If you really want me to read something, you can mail it to me: s.e. smith, PO Box 2764, Fort Bragg, California, 95437. I will pledge to read every single book that is sent to that post office box. If it’s some sort of rare one of a kind book that you want returned, I will also mail it back to you, as long as you include a slip with a note indicating that you want it back, along with your name and address. This pledge holds true even I get BoingBoinged or something and end up with thousands of books to read. Which would actually be kind of neat.

I think the way in which the Book Project is going to work is pretty simple; if you have any burning questions, you can leave them in the comments. Also feel free to leave comments if you want to see Book Project posts organized in a particular way, beyond the organization system already used on the site, or if you think that they should go on a totally separate site.

And with that…happy New Year to all, and to all a happy New Year. I hope that 2008 is a better, more excellent year, in which awesome things happen and the travails of the past are sloughed away. I have a feeling it’s going to be interesting, if nothing else.

Also, please drive safely, and if you’re planning on drinking, use a designated driver or public transit!

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  1. Please let me know if you do not receive a book from an amazon seller within the next two weeks. It is one of my favorite books. If you have read it, pass it on. If not, I will look for a review in your blog.


  2. This is a fantastic idea.

    I hope you don’t put your reviews on a separate blog because it’s hard for me to visit the number of blogs I like already.

    I usually borrow books from the library, and when I do buy them, I give them away so I don’t have anything to send you now. (See for a great way to release books into the world.)

    But, if I run across a book I especially like, I’ll try to remember to tell you about it, unless you are swamped.

    This will be interesting to watch. Super idea.

  3. fun! I’m reading an interesting one right now that I recommend: The Dirt on Clean by Katherine Ashenburg, also good is a memoir-ish one about an Orthodox Jewish convert to Anglicanism – Lauren Winner.

  4. Will do, Vicki. The descent of the books has begun! How exciting.

    I love Book Crossing, by the way, speaking of excellent ideas; alas, there aren’t many books in the wild up here, if any!

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