Given that I normally post in the morning, gentle readers, you are probably wondering why I’m writing so late today. And I know that you do sorely miss the sites of interest for the day, but I swear that I have an excuse for putting an entry up so late, so never fear, all is well! More or less. I mean, I’m not dead. But parts of my house are.

One of the exciting things about living in older houses is that they occasionally have catastrophic problems. One of these problems happened to manifest today, when the power to around half of my house abruptly vanished and would not return despite my best efforts at the breaker box, so I was forced to call my landlord so that an electrician could come out. Since I’ve already been pestering my landlord about the heat situation, I felt rather awkward calling yet again, but I thought that my power might not be working because the house was about to blow up or something, so I mustered up the will.

As it happens, the power went out because I was missing a neutral, and judging from the condition of one of the “receptacles,” as the electrician charmingly calls “outlets,” there was a lot of heat in my electrical system, which is bad. The electrician is also a fireman, so he blanched visibly not only out of professional concern but out of thankfulness that he didn’t have to show up with his other hat on.

So the electrician traipsed around the house while I traipsed in and out turning off breakers, and the problem is going to require more work, which means that…only about half of my outlets work right now. So I had to perilously string a cord to one of the three working outlets in the house to write this entry. It’s kind of exciting, I feel like I’m camping out, what with the guttering candles and so forth. Fortunately the stove and the hot water heater are on dedicated circuits, and the circuit which powers the fridge has all of its neutralness intact, so I can bathe, cook, and eat, but my house is dark. And there are wires in odd places.

The electrician says that he will try and come within a few days to do the rest of the work, and now that I more or less have power for my computer and so forth, I think things will return to normal, although I am going to have to mop for around three hours to get all the mud out, given that it was raining and there was a lot of traipsing in shoes.

However, I did learn a valuable lesson today, dear readers, which is why I am posting a relatively boring story instead of a more interesting entry. And that lesson was that if I ever build/remodel a home, I am totally making a wiring plot. We could have saved ourselves several hours of work today with a wiring plot. Well, I use we in the royal sense. But, the point is, make a wiring plot. You never know when you might need it. Also, do not hide junction boxes under your house in corners that cannot be reached.