Merry Christmas Eve From the Gang

I was injured in a tragic wrapping accident yesterday, so I am not up to writing a normal post; conveniently for me, it happens to be Christmas eve, so I can get away with posting a picture of the gang, who have taken to colonizing my bed for most of the day:

three cats on a bed

My grandmother made that quilt, by the way; it’s out because it’s been so cold at night that I’ve been needing to layer blankets. My grandmother is a pretty cool lady; she knows more about computers than most geeks you know, because she worked on some of the earliest computers. It’s pretty funny to listen to a bunch of geeks mouthing off and for my grandmother to interject “you’re totally wrong” in her soft old-lady voice.

We hope that you have an excellent Christmas, if you’re into that kind of thing. If not, good luck dodging Christmas carols and stressed out store clerks. I’ve never really done Christmas, although my father and I certainly exchanged presents when I was a kid; we used to open one each on Christmas eve because we couldn’t bear the suspense. We definitely didn’t go to the lengths that some people do, and there was nary a carol to be heard in our house. The cats, incidentally, are fans of the holiday primarily because they get scraps of the goose we’ve traditionally roasted on Christmas; the goose is really the highlight of Christmases past, with the presents being a pleasant side note.

If you’ve been nice rather than naughty, gentle readers, I won’t post a picture of my disgusting mutilated finger!

And in lieu of my sites of interest for today, here’s NORAD Tracks Santa; your tax dollars at work! You should also watch The Happy Dance Project, because it is awesome.

p.s. Does anyone have any tips for typing one and a half handed? Because my left index is so heavily wrapped in gauze that I can only use my right hand and part of my left, and the darn bandage keeps getting in the way. I managed to avoid getting blood on any presents, though. This is one of the times when being self-employed is a real bitch; I don’t get paid sick days for missing work with a gutted finger. Although I guess most people don’t get paid sick days in this country anyway, and who works on Christmas Eve, for Pete’s sake?