Hillcrest Cemetery

The next stop in the cemeteries of Mendocino County tour: Hillcrest Cemetery, in Mendocino. RSS readers, click through if you want to see the slideshow of photographs. You can also see individual photographs showcased on six:fourteen.

Hillcrest Cemetery, as the name implies, is on the top of the hill which Mendocino is built on, while Evergreen is at the bottom. Apparently Hillcrest also houses the “Chinese Cemetery,” although I saw no signs of any such thing, and I did find the veterans isolated in their own little corner. Navigating this cemetery is quite interesting, because it is actually rather steep; I almost twisted my ankle in one part.

I spent a lot of time in this cemetery in high school, because that’s kind of what angsty high school students like to do. Hillcrest also happens to house my all time favourite grave ever, for Manuel Jose Triguiero, who died “in the Christian and heroic attempt to save five drowning men.” That’s the kind of stuff I want to have on my headstone.

Hillcrest also has a little Irish corner, and a lot of really neat creatively decorated modern graves, with plantings of everything from rosemary to heather, along with rocks, statues, hand carved headstones, and the works. One grave is covered in statues of angels, and I mean covered. It’s extremely intense, what with the angels and the stark wooden cross. There are several people I know at Hillcrest; I popped by to check on them and everything appeared to be in order.

This cemetery houses the bulk of the Portuguese; there are a ton of Portuguese graves, with beautiful carvings. There’s also a little fenced off section for the founding fathers of Mendocino, as it were, like the McCallums and so forth. They need to fix the gate, though; it’s sort of stuck open, which doesn’t seem very dignified to me.

Lots of old excellent graves from the 1800s and early 1900s with beautiful carvings and florid sentiments. Sadly, many stones are cracked; I think that a falling tree branch damaged several graves. It’s a nice sort of cemetery to wander around in; a little crowded, a little disorganized, but basically friendly. It also has an unbeatable ocean view; somewhere, a developer must be very, very sad.