A Day

A friend of mine recently decided to take a photograph of what he was doing roughly every hour for a day, and then post the results. I thought it was amusing and pretty interesting, so I decided to follow suit, only I chose half hour intervals, in a bold bit of one-upmanship.

The rules were:

1. To take a photograph as soon as I woke up, to establish a baseline.

2. To take new photographs at half hour intervals until my day wound down.

3. To photograph exactly what I was doing or looking at in the moment. No staged shots, you’ll see what I saw. And did. And ate. Well, some of what I ate. Breakfast was brief and ugly, so you won’t get to see that.

The slideshow below starts with the moment I woke up, and follows my adventures through the day until I went to sleep. I snuck in a couple of images of neat things I saw at non-half hour intervals, just because I thought they were interesting, but otherwise the photos are taken around a half hour apart. RSS readers, click through to view the slideshow, sorry! And given how much trouble I went through to get the pictures to display in the right order, you’d best click through, you little punks!

Yesterday turned out to be a poor day to pick for this project, since I didn’t do very many exciting things. I mean, not that I do exciting things most of the time anyway, but yesterday was monumentally unexciting. Although I suppose it provides an interesting window into what freelance writers actually do. Which is evade working, and then work in spurts. Ultimately, I decided to stop before I went to bed, because the pictures got pretty boring. If you really want to see a book move around on a chair for a few hours, let me know, and I’ll repeat this project; maybe on a day when I do something a bit more exciting during the daylight hours.

It was certainly a fun project, although my neighbors started looking at me strangely by the end of the day. Click on each photo for a brief description of what in the heck was going on, if you like, or just sit back and enjoy the day.

2 Replies to “A Day”

  1. Great project! That was fun looking through your day. I can’t get over how clutter-free your desk is. Quite impressive.

    Did you do the drawing…fish biting man? Like it.

    Hmmm…might steal this idea.


  2. Hey SBW, I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow. The fish artwork is by my friend Baxt, and so is the piece of art you can see in the mirror in the first slide.

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