While I am not a big fan of posts with miscellaneous announcements, I have enough miscellaneous announcements at this point that I am going to make a post of them, rather than appending them to other posts at random. However, be of good cheer, gentle readers, because the first miscellaneous announcement is pretty cool.

Announcement the first:

My photography now has its very own site, six:fourteen. It is pretty sweet, and you should go check it out; I am still working out some kinks with the template, so please let me know if you encounter any major problems. I also have photographs up on my Flickr page, but the ones on six:fourteen are the cream of the crop, and therefore much cooler.

Announcement the second:

I have a Sometimes Asked Questions page up now, so if you have questions that need answering, let me know. I’m also moving some things around in the sidebar, which is pretty much irrelevant to those of you who read along via RSS, but for those of you who do visit the main page, is there anything in the sidebar that you really want to stay or go away?

Announcement the third:

Because I have been inundated with comment spam lately, I am closing all comments on posts over a month old. I really don’t like having to do this, because one never knows when someone might have a comment or correction; if people do spot errors or take issue with something in an older post, they can still email me, however. I chose to close comments rather than adding obnoxious barriers like registration, because I don’t see any reason to punish you guys with draconian measures to combat spammers. That said, I hate spammers and I really hate comment spam, and I would like to see the spammers and their ilk die a grisly, uncomfortable death at the hands of rabid wallabies.

Announcement the fourth:

I recently ordered groceries for delivery from Harvest, and was surprised to find that I was actually rather pleased by the whole experience. I didn’t really want to write a whole fawning post over it, but I thought it was worth noting. I ordered late at night for next day delivery and the groceries were delivered nice and early, with all dairy products properly refrigerated. Whoever pulled the order is obviously as anal about produce as I am, because the produce was glorious and I really couldn’t have picked better myself. If this experience is anything to go by, I’ll probably make ordering groceries a regular thing, seeing as how I don’t have a car and I hate having to finagle rides to Harvest from people.

There is a $10 processing fee, presumably to cover pulling the groceries and delivering them. For someone without a car, that fee is pretty reasonable; for people who are too lazy to go to the grocery store, it’s kind of dumb. I think it might actually save me money in the long term though, because I cannot make impulse purchases if I don’t go into the grocery store.

That is all. I apologize for this rather mundane post, but now that I’ve gotten all that out of my system, we can return to regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Funny, we just tried out Peapod for food delivery this last Sunday, and were very happy with it. Although I am embarrassed to mention it at work, since I think having food delivered automatically has a connotation of laziness or, worse, bourgeoisie. I don’t think I am; I just have a limited amount of time, and I’d rather spend it doing something other than lugging dog food and canned goods back and forth to/from my car.

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