1000 Thank Yous

So, the delivery man brought me a little surprise today. I was working in the garden, since it wasn’t raining and some serious weeding was needed, when a DHL delivery driver poked her head around the corner, looking confused. She had a package for me, which wasn’t too mysterious, since I am expecting something, but her package…

…wasn’t what I expected. Instead of boring but necessary bicycle safety gear, it was a camera. And a very large flash memory card. And a pack of rechargeable batteries and a charger. With a note that said “from a friend.”

I don’t know who you are, “friend,” but thank you. So much. Your incredibly generous gift totally made my day, and of course I immediately had to go out and play with it.

Then I decided to get all web 2.0 on your ass:

Oh yeah, baby. That there is a slideshow. (By the way, gentle readers, if any of you have trouble seeing said slideshow, please let me know, because this whole slideshow thing is experimental. And if people hate it, I won’t use it. I just like new toys. Please forgive me.)