I realized today that it’s the middle of October, which means that November is approaching, and I wondered whether or not National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) was going to happen again. A quick web search turned up the answer: yes, it is!

NaBloPoMo is kind of like NaNoWriMo, only less ambitious. I had a lot of fun doing it last year, and I also discovered a lot of blogs through NaBloPoMo. I suspect that some of my regular readers also found me that way, illustrating the warm and fuzzy joy of networking.

At any rate, people who want to participate can sign up here. Unfortunately, participants have to join a kind of stupid social network thing to be counted, which I happen to think is pretty shitty, although I understand the desire to centralize and streamline administration of NaBloPoMo, since I imagine it was a bit of a headache last year. If you’re into social networking, which I’m not, you’ll probably enjoy the interface since you can pimp yourself out and join groups and whatnot. I do hope that there’s a centralized list and a Randomizer again, since I really enjoyed these features last year.

I highly recommend joining in. I write every day anyway, so it’s not a big challenge for me, but I think a lot of people enjoy being pushed into writing. I imagine that someone is going to set up a list of daily writing prompts to help people along, but it’s also really interesting to see people just free write. If you’ve been blogging and struggling with it, NaBloPoMo might push you into new levels of excellent. Or it might frustrate and depress you…it’s kind of up to you, I suppose.

The rules, essentially, are that you have to post something, anything, every day for the month of November. No cheating with chron jobs or scheduled posts, just you and your computer, every day. You don’t have to interact with other people in the NaBloPoMo community, but I think it’s interesting, and it’s a great way to learn about other people’s lives in remote and far away places, like Los Angeles. Some people also try to comment on one NaBloPoMo blog every day, which is an admirable effort, and last year a couple people tried to review all the blogs, which was a quite impressive effort.

Again, sign up for NaBloPoMo here, and you can also use that interface to explore people who are participating without signing up.

P.S. You may have noticed that the site looks a little different today. I would really appreciate your feedback, especially if you are having any problems! Those of you reading along on RSS will just have to click through for once if you’re dying to know what I’m talking about.