Made of Awesome

This day, my friends, is made of awesome. I am exploding with happiness, and actually grinning, which looks more creepy that joyful on me because it’s so rarely seen. My doctor would probably think that I have Bell’s palsy.

To begin with, I took the day off from work. You get to do that when you work for yourself. It was nice and sunny and I wanted to go work in the garden and get some things from the library and enjoy the weather. Of course, as soon as I went downtown, it clouded over, but I ran into my old landlord and we had a lively chat about all sorts of things including the development of a top secret plan which you may hear more about later. I also ran into my friend A, who was skulking in Headlands doing homework, and I ran into my favourite library ladies.

Loki and I chased each other around the house for around 45 minutes today, which I think was good exercise for all. Shadow just sulked upstairs in his basket, while Mr Bell snored on his chair for most of the day. (He kind of honks when he snores, I think it’s pretty amusing.)

I also just returned from dinner at the Bistro, which was excellent. I was stoked to see the new fall menu happytime, so I knew that I had to go and check it out. I was feeling restless in the evening hours, so when I was wandering around downtown with my copy of Better, I decided that I should go eat some food. I had, among other things, the fettuccine, which was fantastic. There was a lot of fun flavor and texture, and it didn’t feel heavy at all, despite the “leek and bacon fondue.” I finished with the ginger gelato, which rocked my socks. I’m actually wearing socks today, which is unusual, but now you know how true that statement is. (Note to JSP: cookie perfection…but how could a cookie not be perfect on a day like this?)

I’m also really enjoying Better, although it’s a little jumpy. It reads much more like a book of essays than a coherent piece of nonfiction, but that’s ok, because they are interesting essays. I read the essay about medical ethics and lethal injection at dinner, along with one about malpractice which was actually pretty depressing. Gawande is a generally good writer, if a bit stiff sometimes, and I enjoy the way he unfolds things.

Then, I got home and there was a box from UPS on my counter. (Er…before any of you think that I have a creepy UPS man, remember how I mentioned that I get packages sent to my father’s because I don’t get mail here? Well, he has a key to my house. Which is why there was a package on my counter. Table. Bar? Thing. It’s kind of hard to explain. Come over sometime and I’ll show you.)

You may have guessed that the package was from none other than Either my threatening letter yesterday worked or they were just feeling generous. Inside, I found the first season of Jericho, and…something I’ve been lusting after for a very long time. The complete James Bond, digitally remastered. For those of you who aren’t Bond freaks, that’s 20 movies chock full of explosions, hot chicks, and eyebrow raises. And 20 more discs with special features. I almost peed my pants. (But that might have been the sparkling lemonade I had with dinner.)

Heaven. Glee. I am actually wiggling a little bit, doing my happy dance, and I am about to dive into a Bondfest to celebrate this joyous and momentous evening. Hooray! And here’s to many more seasons of Jericho for me to get excited about! (Those of you with televisions should tune into CBS on Fridays at nine to catch Jericho, by the way, since that’s apparently the only way that the show will stay on the air, since people who watch streaming media on a network’s own website apparently don’t count.)

Yay! Er…back to my usual gloomy self tomorrow. I promise.