A gang of us finally went to see Stardust last night, after weeks of stalling due to unexpected events. It was amazing. If you haven’t seen it, you should go, immediately. I informed passerby of this fact as soon as we got out, because it was a genuinely awesome movie which left me feeling…really good. It’s rare that I like a film with such a disgustingly happy ending, but I really, really loved it.

Somewhat unfairly, the film has been tanking at the box office, which is, I think, partially due to poor marketing. I’m seeing a lot of reviewers classifying it as a “girl” movie, which it isn’t. It’s a human movie. Actually, I don’t think it would really be appropriate for young children of any gender, because there are some very dark moments. It’s a sort of Princess Bride like film which will captivate people of any age with imagination. The movie was filled with magic and delight, as well as adventure and action.

I’ve always had a passion for fantasy, and the idea that magic really is just around the corner. It’s why I’ve always liked Neil Gaiman’s work, and I was hesitant about Stardust at first, because I thought that it wouldn’t do justice to the novel. But it did, and more. It captured an England of the past living side by side with an unabashedly magical world. When a unicorn appears on screen, it seems very right and ordinary, and not at all hokey. The witches are viciously evil, and they use gory haruspicy right alongside with runes when they’re not transforming people into animals. There are kings and trapped princesses and femmey pirates, and it’s all excellent.

There’s also a love story, which develops naturally and beautifully in the midst of this strange world with a wide assortment of characters and creatures. The relationship which develops between the two main characters has an elegance and a rightness which is simply undeniable. It’s certainly a compelling argument for the possible existence of true love.

In addition, the movie is simply really pretty. There are lots of sweeping, beautiful scenes, gorgeous horses, and lush visuals. I often found myself lost in the details of some ornate and fabulous scene, so much that I’m tempted to go and see it again, because I think that more things will emerge each time I see it. I am definitely adding Stardust to the list of movies I really, really like.

If you want to lose yourself in delight for a few hours, go see Stardust, and I think that you will emerge with some hope for a better world.