Cooking up a Storm

I think I may have a serious problem.

The fall weather always makes me want to cook. I tend to bake a fair amount in the fall, because it smells good and warms the house up. When you’re too cheap to break down and run the heater, your house gets rather cold, and everything starts to feel bland and colorless. There’s something about dour weather and the threat of rain which brings out the sudden desire to bust out the Joy of Cooking and experiment with something. I love the act of creating food, the rich smells which slowly fill the house while the cats sniff around to investigate.

I’m not a fan of this weather because it’s being a giant tease. Oh, it’s overcast right now, and there’s that faint hint of a south wind, but it’s not actually raining. It’s just thinking about it. I wonder if I am seized with the need to cook because I think it will magically bring on bad weather, so that the fates can perfectly time a power outage for a delicate souffle or a roast.

However, I’m afraid that things may be getting out of control.

In the last few days, I have made:

Two pots of split pea soup

One pan of vegan pot pie

One quiche

One pumpkin pie

Three batches of cookies

One vegan chocolate-coconut cake

Now, to be fair, the vegan pot pie and one of the split pea soups was for dinner last night (which was awesome, by the way; I have really missed our Friday dinners and it was wonderful to spend a night with friends and good food). But…I think I need to find an outlet for all this food production, or I may actually explode. And I’m running out of people to feed. I realize that the food bank doesn’t take cooked food, which I understand and sympathize with. I wonder if maybe one of the local churches does a dinner for the poor which I could contribute to. It’s troubling to think of producing so much food when people in other parts of the world are going hungry.

Anyone want to come over for dinner?

(Also, a vacuum update; the replacement filter arrived today, well actually late last night, but my father didn’t drop it off until today. And…it’s the right part! Astonishing.)