Ant Update

On the advice of my editor, I tried baby powder as an ant deterrent. I had someone else procure it for me, because I was embarrassed to be seen in the act of purchasing baby powder. You know how it is in a small town…people draw all sorts of conclusions. I dutifully spread it around the house and didn’t notice much of an impact, so I did some research. It turns out that baby powder is recommended because a lot of brands contain diatomaceous earth, which is really effective against ants. Unfortunately, my procurator got organic all natural eco-friendly baby powder, which does not contain diatomaceous earth. It did have arrowroot powder, which might explain why the ants appeared to be actively frolicking in it. My aunt the supervet says that diatomaceous earth is not so hot for cats or people with asthma, so I am going to have to shelve that suggestion for now, regrettably.

I also took JSP’s advice, which was actually pretty effective. Since I work from home, I can swoop down on the little fuckers whenever I see them emerge, and for the last day or so, no ants have been indoors. However, I am not fooled…this has happened in the past, and I’m afraid it might just be a lull. I’ve also noticed that they are all over the garden, which is a cause of concern for me since I just planted a bunch of awesome plants. Some of which appear to be suffering a sudden decline in health which I suspect is ant-related.

So…how does one get ants out of the garden without using poison? Poison is really not an option in the garden because half the neighborhood cats amble through, and the neighbor’s dog likes to sneak in, so the dog could carry toxins into their house and then I would feel like an awful person.