The Bourne Ultimatum

Lo and behold, our small town movie theatre didn’t get Stardust, but it did get The Bourne Ultimatum. I’m not sure that I’ve written about my fetish for suspense movies before, so you readers gathering blackmail material can add this to your list, along with reading girlie magazines in the bathtub, drinking beer in the shower, and eating deep fried greasy things in amounts which have been known to alarm grown men. Because, yes, it’s true, I take a deep seated delight in watching thrillers, especially complex thrillers with spies and car chases and romantic locations. Maybe it’s the CIA in my blood coming out…since I can’t work for ’em, might as well romanticize them.

At any rate, Petey and I decided to go on a movie adventure, and I sort of cautiously felt him out about going to see The Bourne Ultimatum because I am aware that not everyone relishes such films. Fortunately for me, Petey was as into it as I was, so we romped off to the theatre to watch it. Petey, thank Pete, is not a talker, so I enjoyed the movie in blissful silence, as one might well expect on a Sunday evening. Well, we did have a brief exchange of snide comments toward the end, but that was all. I swear.

Anyway…I happened to rather like it. I thought it was a reasonably well crafted movie, although the camera angles made me slightly ill sometimes. I know that grainy film and jostling scenes are supposed to draw me into the action, but instead they make me reach for a toilet. And Mr. Bell has been doing enough vomiting for the both of us, these last few days.

As is in keeping with this genre, there were a number of interesting locations including Moscow, which seems to have a Cold War mystique still…remind me to go there sometime. We also got to visit Tangiers, Madrid, and London, among others. Some day I will not be so chained to the land as I am, and I will frolic through the cities of Europe, though probably not with a gun strapped to my ankle and a bag of confidential documents. At any rate, we saw most of these movies in a fly-by-night fashion, as the characters lunged through a series of chase scenes on the hunt for Jason Bourne’s true identity. I must say, Tangiers seems to have a rather high vacancy rate, but maybe it was just that part of town.

Oddly enough, I found myself thinking about how the movie really suggests rather not nice things about the American government. Words like “extraordinary rendition” were thrown around, and you see the people in charge of organizations like the CIA participating in rather gruesome activities. This was definitely funny to contrast with the previews, which featured not one but two “America, Fuck Yeah!” movies, as my dear friend Abe likes to call them. Yes, kids, join the Army, be a hero! Certainly a strange juxtaposition of images, with some nice jibes at the freedom of the press in the film as well, like a reporter getting shot in the head in the middle of Waterloo Station and a very Pentagon Papers-esque moment later on in the film.

At any rate, if you share my fetish for romping adventure films, I suspect that you will enjoy this movie. There was just enough of a plot to keep it interesting without being overbearing, and a generally good time was had by all. I believe it meets the Petey seal of approval as well.

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