Return to Covington Creek

Baxt took Mr Bell and to Covington Creek today for a followup appointment, given all of the adventures which happened last week. I’m beginning to think that Mr Bell was just setting up an elaborate plot to see Dr Jordan, since he was so very friendly with the good doctor and the rest of the staff, while he glared malevolently at me. He got weighed and had his lungs listened to, and then he was whisked in the back so that they could take some urine.

When the tech appeared about two minutes later, I thought for sure that there must be some sort of problem. In fact, apparently he was so well behaved in the back that he “just gave it all up for me,” said Dr Jordan. Whore. At any rate, a student loan payment later and we were free to go on our way.

As it turns out, Mr Bell’s urinalysis was totally clean. He probably had difficulty urinating because of some sort of infection, or maybe because he had a single stone or two. After a week of antibiotics, he’s golden. Literally. Sorry.

Having spent a fair amount of money on vet bills in the last week, I can say with great confidence that pet insurance is a really good idea, if you don’t have it already. It’s also important to take your animals to the vet when they appear to be having health problems, even if it later turns out to be nothing. I would much rather spend some cash than stand by and do nothing, and I would hope that most pet owners agree. I also think that this is an important thing for pet owners to think about before they take on new obligations: are you willing/able to spend a lot of money on your pets if they need it? If you aren’t willing to make that commitment, I think that you are not fit to have pets, personally. Our animals rely on us to notice when they are having problems, and they count on us to get medical treatment for them as well. This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.