In the Pink

Mr Bell and I hung out around the house today, recovering from our exciting midnight vet adventure. The end verdict was that yes, he was having difficulty urinating, but his bladder had not swollen to the danger point, fortunately. The on-call vet gave him a painkiller and some antibiotics, and sent us home, where he did end up peeing, a bit, and this morning he peed some more.

I also called Dr. Jordan to apprise him of the situation, and he gave us a seven day course of antibiotics to complete, and we made an appointment for next Thursday. Dr. Jordan will do a urinalysis to see if he can figure out what’s going on…I am hoping that it’s just a urinary tract infection which the antibiotics will clear up, rather than some of the more unpleasant alternatives, like kidney stones.

For anyone who isn’t aware of this, medical care for pets is pretty expensive, especially when you get emergency care. Our 30 minute visit last night ended up costing me around $400, and it hauled two vets out of bed. While it was important to go, in case Mr. Bell was actually severely impacted, I was really fortunate to happen to have enough cash. Pet insurance is a really, really good idea, if you can find a company which will cover your pets.

At any rate, I decided to make some corn chowder for dinner, because I thought Mr. Bell might enjoy it.

food from the farmers' market

I also had a bunch of fun stuff I picked up at the Farmers’ Market. The potato is from the Elk Creamery, which has a formidable potato selection, and everything else is from Sky Hoyt, who promises me that pear sorbet will be arriving in late September.

bowl of corn chowder

This picture looks less than appetizing, but it was actually rather fabulous. Mr. Bell enjoyed a small bowl of his own:

mr bell eating corn chowder

And Mr. Shadow tried to horn in, as you can see from the grey legs.

Really it was all just a bribe, because I had to give Mr. Bell some Cephalexin and he hates it. I can’t blame him, it’s sticky smelly pink goo. But if it will clear up his pee problem, that’s all that I really care about. Now, of course, he’s on the watch, which means that getting the next 13 doses down him will become a contact sport, and most of the house will probably turn pink in the process.

He’s also really not a fan of my glaring at him and going “pee! pee! Come on, just pee for me!”

Corn Chowder

This happens to be one of my favourite comfort foods, since my father made it a lot as a child. I remember we used to build a fire on the beach for the purpose of making corn chowder, and the end result was smoky and delicious. The recipe below has no real proportions, so you can scale it to personal needs and taste.

Loosely chop and parboil one potato per person, skin on.

Mince garlic and sweet onion, and saute on medium in a mix of olive oil and butter with a dash of red pepper flakes, using a heavy saucepan. Vegans, you can just use olive oil. It’s ok.

Loosely chop a sweet pepper. (The pepper I used was a “Carmen,” lots of awesome flavor. If all you have is bellpeppers, skip it.)

As the onions start to cook down, add the pepper pieces, and cook until the onions turn translucent.

Add milk, and toss in a dash of heavy cream, or use soymilk if you’re into that kind of thing.

Turn the heat down, and add the potatoes. Allow the chowder to cook until the milk starts to bubble while you strip an ear of fresh corn, and make sure to run the blunt side of the knife down the cob to get the good stuff. At the last minute, toss the corn in, and serve almost immediately, garnishing with lavish fresh cracked pepper and salt, and parsley if you’re poncey. Adorn with croutons if desired; the croutons in the picture above are from Costeaux French Bakery.

If serving to cats, skip the onions and garlic, as they can cause anemia. I just gave Mr. Bell a little bit of bread sopped in milk.