Grubbing in the Garden

The garden has been kind of on hold at the moment, because the fence around it needed to be repaired, and it seemed silly to plant a bunch of stuff for workmen to trample. This has been very frustrating, because I’ve been itching to work in the garden and I have not been able to. So I was very pleased, today, when I noticed that preliminary work was being done on the fence.

I decided to clear the reeds out from around the fence, because while they look nice, they would inhibit the work. And I was planning to tear them out anyway, as part of the grand scheme. Six hours later, I staggered into the shower and watched the water run black. I’m not quite sure what happened. I just…started working, and then worked a bit more, and suddenly the whole day had gone by. And black goo is pouring out of my nose.

The garden looks awesome now, although I haven’t planted anything yet. But I have ripped out essentially everything, and I planted the Japanese maples which have been bursting their plots, so you can see the promise and potential of the garden, even if it’s just a mound of smooth dirt at the moment.

It was a lot of work. I will seize pretty much any opportunity to not actually work, so it was fun, but it’s the end of the day now and I am exhausted. We also made some small changes to the layout of the gate, so I had to lay out a new brick path from the new gate to my porch. That took quite a while; I will not make fun of people who lay out their own twee garden paths any more, I assure you.

I have many grand schemes for the garden, and I think that it is going to start looking rather awesome pretty damn soon. I plan on the installation of numerous aromatic plants, so that it will smell good, especially in warm weather. Here’s hoping that my notorious black thumb doesn’t wreak havoc.