Further Vet Adventures

So, Mr. Bell got to visit the on-call vet yet again yesterday, thanks to his persistent urinary issues. He has now been officially christened a Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS) cat, which I guess makes him FUSsy. Ah. Ha. Hah.

So, anyway, given that his urinalysis was clean, the question is: what the fuck is wrong with him?

It turns out that there are several options:

  • An inflammation not caused by an infection, which might have responded to antibiotics, but wouldn’t have been cured. Dr. Jordan said something about a “sterile urethral infection” when we spoke on the phone earlier today. So, one of those.
  • Stones in his bladder. Which is not like stones in his pockets. Stones, apparently, do not show up on urinalysis, but they can cause a mighty intense pain when you try to pee.
  • A tumor. Tumors do happen, and we are hoping it is not one of those.

So, if it’s the first problem, anti inflammatory drugs should treat the problem. To that end, Mr Bell was given a prescription for Metacam, a drug which clearly bears multiple labels that say “for dogs only” and “only for use in DOGS” and “DO NOT use with cats.” Apparently off-label use for Metacam in cats is ok, though. Just in case you happen to be searching Google for “Metacam cats,” as I was yesterday evening.

However, it is still important to diagnose for the other two problems, to rule them out if nothing else. That means (kaching!) another vet visit! For an ultrasound. We are hoping that there is no baby, healthy or otherwise, in Mr Bell’s abdomen, although that would explain a lot. Fortunately, Dr. Jordan has an ultrasound machine, and it should come as no surprise that he likes playing with it, so I’m sure that he and Mr Bell will have a grand old time together later this week while I scrounge in the corners of my Gringotts vault to pay for it.

I am very much hoping that his problem is an inflammation, rather than the other two options. For the time being, he’s pretty stoked on life since the Metacam is relieving his pain, so he’s been romping around the house, tormenting Loki, and chasing the mice in the walls. Oh, did I mention that there are mice in my walls? Because there are.

And if you happen to stumble upon this post while you are researching reasons for your cat to be urinating in weird places, please take your cat to the vet. Cats really only urinate all over the place when they are having a problem, and if you catch it early, it can be easy to treat. Oh, and baking soda and vinegar is a great deodorizer.