First Peach, Giving Up the Bags, Pudding

When I woke this morning, I saw a bright orange spot on the ground by the back fence, under the peach tree. I was curious to find out what it was, so I threw on some shorts and wandered cautiously outdoors. The spot proved to be a peach, orange with a faint red blush, soft and smelling deliciously peachy. I picked it up, brought it inside, rinsed it, and took a bite. The skin of the peach was a bit thicker than I’m used to, but the flesh was sweet and creamy and soft, until I hit a ferociously bitter spot which caused my entire mouth to pucker.

“Pftcha!” I said, while Loki played with the peach pit.

I was going to give the peach a 9, until I hit that bitter spot. Now I’m trying to separate out the sweet delicious part of the experience from the bitterness. I’m tempted to give it a 10 for so closely imitating life, which often seems sweet until you suddenly realize that you’ve been chewing on a bitter portion and it’s tainted the whole experience.

I also decided today that it was time to give up tea bags, a great personal weakness of mine. Really, the only reason that I use tea bags is because I really like Constant Comment tea. But there are a number of reasons not to use tea bags, starting with the quality of the tea. Many tea producers cram broken tea leaves, stems, and, er, other stuff into their tea bags, since it’s not as noticeable. The finest teas tend to be set aside for loose leaf use, since consumers pay more attention to their loose leaf tea. In addition, tea bags are really wasteful, since they are often individually packaged, and you end up throwing out a lot of stuff for one cup of tea. Also, bagged tea is more expensive.

By giving up tea bags, I’ll be drinking better tea, saving the environment, and spending less money. Of course, I’ll also have to give up Constant Comment, but I think it’s worth it. I swung by Down Home Foods today and picked up some Orange Spice tea, which certainly smells viciously orangey. I’m hoping for the best.

In further food news, astute readers may remember my Mexican Chocolate Pudding adventure. Today I made a variant on the recipe, with Ghirardelli cocoa and Baker’s Chocolate instead of Ibarra. I added a dash of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and chili powder, and the whole works is chilling in the fridge right now. If I can resist long enough to let it set all the way, I think it will turn out really well. The cocoa and baker’s chocolate are certainly going to make it much more chocolately and rich, which is awesome. I cut the sugar in the Joy’s standard recipe by about half, so it should also be deliciously bitter. Hooray.

My next pudding project is going to be a layered chocolate and coconut pudding for the next time Baxt, Petey, and I have dinner. I have, needless to say, high hopes.