Time for Three

Last night I went to see Time for Three with my father and my Asian mother. It was offered as part of the Music Festival, a venerable tradition which involves sitting in a cold, drafty tent on the Mendocino Headlands listening to music. Usually I go to at least one Music Festival thing, just to say that I went, although in the past the Festival has been…less than stellar. It used to be awesome. But I feel like I used to want to go to everything and now I start listlessly at the program and go “ugh, whatever” when my father asks what I want to see. He basically dragged me out tonight.

He also fixed my toilet, which is super sweet! Yay! My toilet fills now, like airplane taking off to foreign lands.

Anyway. So, it started raining, which was wet, and interesting, because…well…I mean, we were in a tent. The rain didn’t really interrupt the performance, but it was definitely present, like a silent menace. And I guess the top of the tent was filling with water and bowing, so someone was walking around on it literally baling it out. Yay! And the ground around the tent was soggy, which made me grumpy.

So, on to the music.

I actually didn’t like the first half very much. I felt like it was very disconnected and not very easy to listen to. Not that I am an easy listening kind of person, I just thought it was a bit much to ask, in places. They played with a Bach bit, and I kind of liked that, but the rest of the set was kind of painful for me. The musicians themselves are obviously very technically talented, so I was able to appreciate that even if I didn’t fancy the music all that much. They were also clearly enjoying themselves, horsing around and teasing each other, and the audience ate it up.

I was kind of surly over the intermission, imagining more of the same, and I was pleasantly surprised when we returned. A lot of fun stuff, a beautiful rendition of “Hallelujah” and some awesome pieces composed by the group. Also technically demanding, and asking a lot of us from an audience, but I was more into it because I enjoyed the music.

My sense of humor is actually a lot like theirs, so I enjoyed some of their asides. I almost cried out “nerdfighters!” at the end but I lost my nerve. Sorry, Brotherhood 2.0. They were exhorting the audience to meet them at Dick’s and party later, which was amusing. There were also a lot of musical jokes, which I’m not sure that everyone caught. I was actually kind of surprised by how into it the audience got. All those sycophantic yuppies were eating it up, enough that they got three standing ovations and an encore.

I would say that if Time for Three happens to be in your region of the world, you should check them out, for their talent if nothing else. And, all in all, I had a fun time.

[Time for Three]