The Flower Giver

In the night, it appears that I have been visited by a cousin of the Flower Thief. Whoever it was came stealthy, in the dead of night, much like the Flower Thief did on the second attempt. I’m a bit amazed that this individual managed to penetrate the inner sanctum of both gates to leave this on my porch:

plants sitting on the deck

This was the view from my window when I peered out to ascertain the source of the bright flashes of color I spotted out of the corner of my eye. I stumbled blearily outside to survey the scene from a different angle:

plants sitting on the deck

A veritable plethora of plants! All looking hardy and more or less content to be alive. Truly astounding. I looked around for a note or some sort of sign which might indicate where the plants came from, but they appeared to be entirely anonymous. Somehow, I doubt that it was the gas people making amends for their destruction of my garden, although I do have my suspicions as to the identity of the culprit.

This time, I’ve outsmarted the dastardly plans of the gas people:

plants in pots

That’s right, employees of xGas! Let’s see you destroy my garden now, recreants! Those right there are plants in pots, safe from your vile trench digging, appliance connecting, clumsy footed whims. While they may look slightly foolish, they can at least be moved safely out of range the next time you descend upon the garden.

Now, if only the lobelia would get a chance to grow so that my garden would stop looking like a sea of dirt with islands of tragic looking plants in it, we’d be in business. I thought lobelia was supposed to go wild once it was planted, but mine appears to be stonily resisting.

Many thanks to my flower giver. The garden looks much brighter.