Romping in Bragg

While I was lounging on the porch reading a cheesy novel today, the phone rang, and it turned out to be one of my friends from the East Bay, so I answered it.

“Hey,” I said. “What’s up?”

“I’m in Fort Bragg,” she announced gleefully.

As indeed she was. I really like being surprised by visits from friends, especially those who live far-ish away, since it’s more exciting. First we went and wandered around Understuff while she looked at panties. (By the way, my plus size readers, I discovered the perfect bra there recently. It’s the Natori Sport and although it’s allegedly a sports bra, it’s an all around comfortable bra which feels like not wearing a bra at all. When you’ve got big gazongas, that’s saying something.)

We also took her dog, Milo, to Jughandle, and we romped around with him. Milo is kind of like the canid version of Loki, and the two in fact look quite alike. Loki puffed up like a well leavened bread dough when he saw Milo romping around in the yard, so I doubt that he would appreciate the comparison. At any rate, Milo doesn’t like water nearly as much as Loki does, so he was a bit bitter about wading in the stream with us. I haven’t been to Jughandle in quite a while, and I forgot how infested with tourists it gets. Milo seemed to enjoy himself, though. He’s a pretty good kid, for a dog.

Upon our return to Fort Bragg, we went for a tub at the spa and then headed upstairs to the Bistro. On our way up we ran into another friend, whom we gangpressed into joining us, and we had a romping meal talking about Harry Potter and fan fiction. Alas, no beignets on the menu, to my bitter disappointment. But there was some awesome steak tartare, and we also enjoyed scallops with a warm creamy corn sauce, and seared tombo tuna. I like corn. I’ve been on a corn kick this week, starting with corn chowder on Wednesday. Mmm. Corn. We followed with some sorbet and a choice cookie experience. Choice.

I also ran into one of Mr. Bell’s favourite people, Dr. Jordan, along with his wife Dr. Leslie. They were enjoying an evening off as well as some Bistro food. Summertime is danger time for pets, so the clinic has apparently been hopping. Remember, kids, don’t leave pets (or children) in cars unattended, and keep dogs on leash, since dogfights can rack up major vet bills!

All in all, an awesome day. I love it when a day goes from ordinary lounging to extraordinary romping. Now I’m all tuckered out, though!