On Parades

I have just returned triumphant from the Mendocino parade. Baxt very kindly lent me a camera for the duration of the parade, so I took a phantasmagoria of pictures. Unfortunately, since it took some time to become accustomed to the camera, a lot of the pictures are of empty skies and horse poop. But I did get a few good ones, so here’s a preview of the parade pictures up ahead:

streaker at the mendocino fourth of july parade

We had two parade streakers, but one of them was too fast for my slow shutter skills. The sock is a nice touch. I hope they wore sunscreen.

soldiers in the mendocino fourth of july parade

The military’s presence was brief and fairly unobtrusive. To the credit of the observers, these gentlemen were followed by a wave of standing applause. That rifle had better be unloaded!

man with a tennis racket in the mendocino fourth of july parade

There were, however, a lot of hippies in the parade. This man was holding one end of a tennis net up while a game of doubles tennis was played along the parade route.

Many more to come, never fear, dear readers!