D for Deathly Hallows, rather than victory in Europe. I’m afraid my news roundup isn’t terribly interesting today because I have instituted a personal media blackout to avoid spoilers, which seem to be abounding left and right. Instead I’m posting an assortment of spoiler free links. (Dear readers who cannot abide another word about Harry Potter…er…it will all be over soon. Put in your requests for Sunday’s topic now!)

Bloomsbury will be posting a streaming live feed on their website at 12:01 AM BST, which is 4:00 PM PST. All of you in other time zones are on your own figuring that one out. It will include coverage from the launch party…and Rowling reading a part of the book aloud. Safe to assume that it will be a spoiler free part, as otherwise it would be no fun.

The Harry Potter Alliance is an awesome organization which focuses on bringing the spirit of the books out into the world, working on projects like putting a stop to government sponsored torture, ending discrimination, and addressing poverty, hunger, AIDS, global warming, and other important issues. And you thought we were all just lazy bookworms!

Mugglenet is an awesome resource for all things Harry, and it includes a great big counter for anyone having difficulty counting down at this point.

JK Rowling’s website is worth poking around, if you have not done so already. There are all sorts of fun little Easter eggs, and I especially like the links section because it directs readers to a number of her favourite causes.

In the non-Harry department…

The Police Log at the Arcata Eye is world famous, and hilarious. Click on the “next” button for hours worth of archives.

SFist has a video, courtesy of Kron4, of a garbage heroine in Oakland, who blocked a garbage truck in with garbage to force it to pick up the trash on her street. For those of you who haven’t been following this, some people in Oakland have not had garbage service for almost a month. In addition to being just plain gross, this also has the potential to result in a public health crisis. That woman deserves a medal for her efforts.

The President issued a chilling executive order on Tuesday. Read it, ponder it, spread the word, and thanks again to Kremlin, who sent it to me in the first place.