Almost There

With only one week to go, today’s news roundup is, of course, dedicated solely to Harry Potter news.

As was the case with Half Blood Prince, Bloomsbury is doing a live webcast of Rowling reading from the book at the launch party. Given that it’s on the Bloomsbury site, I think it’s safe to assume that it will be spoiler free. I loved listening to her read from Half Blood Prince, even though I didn’t get to actually read the book until eight hours later.

The Wall Street Journal covers the issue of potential spoilers.

Harry Potter is having a devastating impact on worker productivity.

20% of Harry Potter fans will skip ahead to the last page? Have they no shame?

Will bookstores in the UK break the embargo? I hope not…

Many of the actors in the films are just as eager to get their hands on book seven as we are.

Ah, Snape…good or evil? MSNBC goes a bit terrifyingly in depth on this topic. (I, of course, think that he is good.)

Finally, a brief note on spoilers. As you can well imagine, I will be posting a review and commentary of Deathly Hallows as soon as I have finished reading it, and as I digest it in the weeks to come. However, I know that not all of you will finish it as quickly as I will. (And that some of you are probably bored to tears of all this talk of Harry Potter.) All of my posts on Deathly Hallows will be click throughs, so it will be perfectly safe for you to visit the main page. If you don’t want to read spoilers, just don’t click the links to the full text!