Wednesday Adventures

The walking Fort Bragg blog inspired me to do a little wandering of my own. It was sunny, sort of, and in the spirit of Google Streetview, I thought I ought to present Fort Bragg in a falsely sunny light, to make it seem even more excellent than it already is.

Every day, I wake up and brew a cup of tea before I decide what I’m going to do, and in what order. (During the week, planning is simplified by the need to work, of course.) Since it was sunny in the morning, I hit the deck, like any self respecting sun starved resident of Fort Bragg.

view of the walnut tree

Those are the branches of the walnut tree on the Northern end of my deck. They need to be trimmed a bit, since they are stretching long tentacles downwards in an attempt to take over the world.

weird fruit tree next to my deck

That’s the weird fruit tree next to my deck. Can anyone figure out what it is? Here’s a closeup of the fruit:

strange fruit

You can also see one of my Japanese maples in the background in the first shot, along with the dead clematis. I’ve been leaving it up to make a screen between my house and the main house, but I really need some totally sweet kick ass vine to plant and run wild there, since the screen of dead twigs look isn’t too appealing.

mr bell and loki in the window

I think that Loki and Mr. Bell look like a Dorothea Lange picture here, all 1930s Depression row house desperate. The execrable lace curtain is a legacy from the previous tenant. None of my sweet hipster curtains fit there, so I’m leaving it up for now.

I decided to do my errandy type things earlier in the morning, to get them over with. Unfortunately, this decision coincided with the Skunk Train’s departure for nowhere is particular.

california western skunk train

Look at that majestic example of locomotive power, folks. Usually they run the steam train on Wednesdays, and it is far more impressive. I guess they didn’t have enough folks to merit busting out the 38 this time around, though I’ll try to get a picture of it in the future. I have a train fetish. Funny story about the Skunk Train, when I was in kindergarten, there was a class trip, but I couldn’t go because I had chicken pox. That’s about it. I guess that’s not actually all that funny, is it?

Anyway, while I was waiting for the train I took a shot of the trainyard. You can take the girl out of the derelict former industrial space, but you can’t take the…

train yard

A good chunk of that is actually Georgia Pacific land. Beyond that, the sea.

roundmans smoke house

This is my local meatery. They are totally awesome. I didn’t actually need any meat today, but I wanted to put a picture of Roundman’s Smoke House up anyway, just because. They make turducken sausage, which is quite possibly one of the coolest things ever. Also, since their website is coy about it, here are their hours, for anyone who is wondering:

Monday-Friday: 9-5:30, Saturday 10-5:30, and Sunday 10-3.

I wandered up Laurel Street, which is my second home, to check in on Headlands:

headlands coffeehouse

I always pop in to see if there’s anyone I know, any news which needs to be had, or barbecued tofu to be eaten. Sadly, negative on all three, so I traipsed onwards to drop in on my old landlords to say hello. On the way, I took this photograph of Franklin Street all torn up:

franklin and laurel streets in fort bragg

I was going to document the entirety of the horror, but I got bored fast. Just multiply that by about six blocks.

I also ran by the post office. I tried to photograph my post office box in the postal ghetto, but my cell phone camera was not up to the task. Also, there was no mail, so it was not very exciting. I don’t really know why I have not gotten any forwarded mail yet. Should I be concerned?

Going further South, almost to the end of my territory, I went into Down Home Foods to get some baking soda.

down home foods

Down Home Foods is a small natural foods store which has a lot of useful stuff. However, you should check expiration dates on stuff when you buy there, because sometimes they forget to pull things. This almost caused a quiche disaster once, so I always confirm freshness now.

long shot of the house

Home again. See the Japanese maple and the walnut tentacles? I even looked for naked people to spice up my Fort Bragg quickie streetview, but nothing doing. Sorry, guys.