Sights of Fort Bragg

Wandering Fort Bragg to pay my PG&E bill yesterday, I saw all sorts of neat things. I mean, I didn’t really wander to pay the bill, I know where the PG&E customer service center is, and it was a fairly straight shot. But it was such a nice sunny day that I ambled in the streets a bit before returning home, since I wanted to avoid the inevitable work that I knew I would have to plunge into.

I came across these kit cars parked in the Skunk Train lot:

kit cars

They were really quite majestic and beautiful, very sleek and spotless. I felt like I was in some sort of strange 1920s movie, and I looked around the corner for rum runners before sidling up for a closer look:

kit cars

I think that the owners were probably on the train, which is a bummer, since I would have loved to talk to them about their cars. It was very obvious that they invested a lot of time, energy, and money making the cars so gorgeous, and it would have been neat to learn more about them. As I understand it, a kit car is kind of like a grownup model car, since you send away for the parts and build your own replica car. These cars all had Mercedes hood ornaments, so I’m not sure what to think about the whole business. Someone who knows more should feel free to educate me.

I also saw this, which ought to be captioned “Area Cat Enjoys Sun”:

cat sleeping in a sunny window

Something about this cat just struck me, I think the sheer happiness it was visibly exuding. I’m not much of a “bang on the window to make the animal look at me” kind of person, but I think, if I had, the cat would have slowly opened one lazy green eye, glared at me frostily, and then gone back to sleep. Which is, you know, something I respect.

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