Is Harry a Horcrux?

21 days and counting, kids. I hope you’ve reserved your copy at a local independent bookstore, and if you’re in Mendo, I’ll see you at Gallery Bookshop! (They’re having a pajama and movie party, for anyone local who wasn’t aware. Yeah pajama party! Alas, my pajamas are not small child appropriate.)

So, anyway, on to the heart of the matter. The other day, I was watching an interview panel of Harry Potter geeks, including Emerson Spartz from Mugglenet. In the interview, he mentioned that “Harry was made into a horcrux.” I was kind of surprised to hear that, since I thought Rowling had specifically said that Harry was not, in fact, a horcrux. I was fairly certain that this had been reported on Mugglenet, so I rummaged through their archives and discovered that I was apparently hallucinating. No statement from Rowling to that effect had been made, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Having confirmed that Rowling hasn’t ruled out that possibility, I am going to go ahead and say that yes, Harry is a horcrux. I’ll jump on board with the popular theory that after the failure of the Avada Kedavra curse on Harry, the already prepared horcrux spell entered Harry, without Voldemort’s knowledge.

Which suggests that there may actually be eight horcruxes, since Voldemort clearly would have wanted to make seven. I am of two minds on the details of this issue. One theory says that Harry is a horcrux and Voldemort doesn’t know, because Voldemort seems to try and kill him every time they meet. If Harry is a horcrux, it explains the innate connection between Harry and Voldemort, and it may also explain why Voldemort can touch Harry after he comes back to life? If Voldemort doesn’t know that he made Harry a horcrux, he would end up with one more horcrux that he thought he had, which could turn out to be very important.

My other theory is that Voldemort did not mean to make Harry a horcrux, but he does know. This may be why Snape has helped to save Harry’s life so many times. Either Snape works for Voldemort and Voldemort has instructed him to keep Harry alive, or Snape is working for the Order (my vote) and is keeping Harry alive on Voldemort’s orders and because he hopes it will lead to the defeat of Voldemort.

My even more far fetched and extreme theory is that Harry is a horcrux, all right…but it’s not Voldemort’s soul he’s holding. Instead, he has part of Lily’s soul, and perhaps James’ as well. Ludicrous? Probably. But…there are a few clues which suggest that I am not totally insane. For one thing, we don’t know that much about horcruxes, other than that they are created through murder. Is it possible that Lily and/or James split into a horcrux? Especially given that Sirius talks about Harry’s parents living on in him, perhaps this is not entirely metaphorical.

So, the question is…if Harry is a horcrux, how are we going to fix this problem? I still think that Harry is going to die, sacrificing himself for the greater good. However, Spartz raised an interesting point. Why would Rowling have introduced Dementors, creatures which suck out human souls? The Dementors have already played an important role in the book, but is it possible that they are also the key to extracting the horcrux? Hm?

I guess we’ll find out in 21 days.

[Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows]