In Which Nit Kicks My Ass, and I Squirt Brendan

Brendan, The Lady (remind me to ask her if I can use her name, calling her “The Lady” all the time makes her seem too mysterious) and I went out to Nit’s tonight for some foodarific goodness. This marks my first trip to Nit’s since my return…and I was actually a little disappointed with my food, but Brendan and the Lady had awesome food, so that made up for it. And the Thai tea…it’s like a milkshake! A coconut and Thai tea milkshake! So very good, with chunks of pure coconut fatty goodness. Oh, yes.

Anyway, I started with her crabcakes, which were not as excellent as I remember them being. The last time I had them, she used a sweet chili sauce, which I really, really liked. This time it was more of a tartar sauce, and while the tartar sauce was good, the chili was better. Although the salad with the crabcakes was awesome. I think, however, that Nicholas at the Bistro makes the best crabcakes, simply because they are basically solid crab. This is my story, and I am sticking to it.

I followed with her macaroni and cheese, which totally kicked my ass. I mean, I eat a prodigious amount of food, as I am sure you all have noticed. But this food…my God. The ass kicking! It’s made with a mixture of cheeses including gruyere and then she gratins it for good measure. Rarely am I so defeated by mere food, but…after a few bites, I was dangerously full. Brendan and The Lady were suitably impressed, both by the intoxicating aroma and my inability to finish. Seriously, kids, if you plan on ordering the mac and cheese at Nit’s, either fast beforehand or bring a party. A big party.

Brendan had pineapple fried rice…in a pineapple! He’s vegan, so there were no dead animal parts, and it was awesome. I can see the seduction of the pineapple pineapple fried rice. Pineapple rice? Anyway, you know what I mean. It had a solid mixture of goodies inside, and was topped with a plethora of greenery, including purple basil. Mmmm…purple basil.

The Lady had pad thai, also vegan, also excellent, also topped with greenery. We all ate to a dangerous state of fullness, and groaned when Heather brought us dessert menus. After eating, we ambled to Headlands, where some out of tune jazz was playing, so we rapidly exited (after I saw the King, who was randomly visiting from down south), and Brendan and I headed to the car wash!

I love the car wash. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a car. Anyway, we got to vacuum out the inside after I wiped everything down with ArmorAll and then we got to wash the outside! Yay! I squirted Brendan by accident with the wand, but other than that there were no major mishaps. We also found a “support our troops” magnet which we are really excited about.

All in all, an excellent evening. Tomorrow, I do battle with my arch nemesis:

phyllo dough, photograph by Samuel Fine

(This photograph was taken by Samuel Fine and I found it on Flickr here, released under a Creative Commons license.)

Who will be the final victor? Stay tuned to find out!