Four Eyed Monsters

I recently watched Four Eyed Monsters, an indie film about…well…er. That’s a good question. You can watch it for free here, at least for a little while. Maybe you will get a better idea of what was going on than I did. Essentially, the movie is about a relationship. And, really, that’s about it.

I am really struggling with my reaction to the film. My personal feeling is that it was pretentious, pointless tripe, and I do not understand why the movie has swept the interwebs. It’s just…not that good. I watched it because I felt compelled to, because I have a tough time turning things off, it seems almost rude somehow. But I was not interested in seeing the relationship develop to the soundtrack of tragically hip music and arty jump cuts. It wasn’t so much that I was bored, more that I just didn’t like the film, wasn’t interested in what was going to happen, and didn’t care about the characters at all. It’s very rare that I feel such a sense of distaste after watching a movie.

Maybe I felt obligated to dislike it, since it is so very trendy at the moment, and I tend to dislike things that everyone likes. Overwhelmingly, though, I just thought it was disinteresting. I’m not really that into seeing people’s relationships bared on screen, I don’t think the movie is bold, daring, and innovative. Perhaps this is because of my (oddly) private nature. I really don’t have that much interest in the relationships of people around me, and I would really prefer not to know about them, in general. So why on Earth would I want to watch two strangers struggle with theirs? Heck, I don’t even know why you people read half the shit on this website, meandering thoughts about nothing in particular which only really have a bearing on my own life. I mean, it’s awesome and all, but sometimes it weirds me out. Why do people have such a fascination with the private lives of others? (Well, arguably, posting your life on the Internet makes it very not private, but you know that I mean. The normally concealed aspects of people’s lives seem to be amazingly interesting to the Internet community. Curiosity? Comparisons? Simple voyeurism?)

I found myself lying in bed this morning pondering the film, and why I felt the way I did about it. I mean, the majority of Hollywood movies are about relationships, in some form or another, after all. Was it something about this relationship? These people? How it was presented? I don’t really know, honestly. I’m trying to articulate my thoughts here because when I dislike something this much, it intrigues me. My default state is indifference, but I was left beyond indifferent after seeing the movie, more irritated. As though 71 minutes of my life had been wasted.

What makes one thing popular and successful, and another not? I really feel like things get picked up on the Internet seemingly at random, and praised to the skies for no particular reason, or because such and such a site says it is good. Meanwhile, excellent things get ignored, shunted to the back. For every movie like this one that captures the attention of the public, there are probably 10 totally awesome, wonderful films that I will never see. This makes me kind of sad. The ready accessibility and huge size of the Internet are at one excellent and sad.

I guess this isn’t really a rousing review for the movie, but maybe you should check it out anyway. It is always interesting to me to compare responses to things with people, especially since people so often disagree with me. Probably all of you will rush over, check it out, and then rave about it. If you do end up watching it and loving it, you should tell me why. Feel free to talk about why you hate it, too. I just feel like an overwhelming amount of the response to the film has been positive, and I don’t really understand why this should be. Help me understand my fellow humans, gentle readers.

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