Changing of the Guard

We started out with Loki and Mr. Bell on the pillows by the window:

loki and mr bell on a pillow

These pillows, I would like to point out, were not installed for the amusement of the feline brigade. They used to be in my meditation area in San Francisco, and I don’t have a meditation space here, so they are artfully arranged in my bedroom, where they are readily accessible for use as floor pillows, since I have no chairs. Not having any chairs seems to be a theme in my life, as I always have either a chair feast or a chair famine. (Don’t worry, I still have Mr. Bell’s chair.)

So then Mr. Bell got bored and left, swapping out for Mr. Shadow:

loki and mr shadow on a pillow

I could turn one of the lofts into a meditation space, but the loft which would be most suitable is right next to the starlings. Oh, did I mention that Baxt and I did some research, and I have not one nest of starlings, but two? Not only that, but I hauled the cats up to check it out, and they were having none of it. Not even when you could see the shadow of one of the parents through the hole in the wall. Did I mention that there are holes in my walls? Note to self: buy weather stripping before winter.

Next, Mr. Bell came back to reclaim territory. There was a brief scuffle which we will gloss over here, leaving us with this end result:

mr bell and mr shadow on a pillow

I have yet to catch all three on the pillows. There seems to be an unspoken agreement to only hang out on the washable cotton ones, rather than the silk pillowcases, which I really appreciate. Now that I have said that, of course, my silk pillowcases are going to get covered in cat hair.

One of my favourite things to do at the moment is to wait until they are sound asleep and then slip out to water the garden. I let them get used to the sound of the house, and then I aim it at that big multipaneled window right next to them. The first few times, they jumped. Now they just glare. Time to step up my feline intimidation tactics.

If you think pictures of cats are a silly waste of bandwidth, never fear. I have plans for tomorrow to return to our usual high caliber of hard hitting journalism.

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