Will to Power

car driving during a power outage

Why, what’s this, you ask.

This, my friends, is what happens when the power goes out on Treasure Island. I want you to know that I charged intrepidly out of the house in a towel to document it because the power normally goes out during the day, and it’s not nearly so impressive.

Why, you say, usually. What do you mean, usually?

Just that the power here goes out an awful lot. Like, rolling blackouts level of a lot. My grandmother’s power goes out less often than this, and she’s dead, that’s what I’m saying, G*.

And it was dark, and cold, and there were rustlings, and flashlights. I tell you what, it was like a whole different world.

power out on treasure island

I ran into the house to put pants on so that I could capture the contrast between brightly illuminated San Francisco, clearly visible from my window, and the dark lonely bastard child Island…but the power went back on.

God, I love it when the power goes out.

*Don’t look at me like that, G, it’s short for gentle reader. Duh. G.