I have stolen a few moments of painful dialup to post a brief update about my day, dear readers, because I couldn’t stand the thought of you being lonely of a Saturday. Today I went on all sorts of adventures, but the best was a Shabbat dinner.

I have, you see, returned home, to Fort Bragg, rather suddenly, and I am faced with all sorts of chaos for the next month or so. I am staying with my father temporarily while I look for a new home, and trying to work, and trying to sort out things down South. This is a most excellent and great change, and I may more go more in-depth about it later, but right now it is very, very stressful. (So…by the way…if any of my local readers know of anything, well, one bedroomish for under $1,000, please write me: meloukhia at gmail dot com. I would say call me, but I don’t want my phone number all over the Internet. But those of you who know who I am can look up my father’s number in the phone book. Two bedrooms would be even better. I would also like a garden, a unicorn, and world peace. I happen to be an excellent tenant, and I will never move. Ever. Again. So, you know, once you rent to me, you don’t have to worry about anything until I die or something. Also, somehow, I am making an astonishing amount of money at the moment, so, you know, no worries on the rent. And I have good references. Anyway, back to regular broadcasting.)

When I got things more or less squared away for the afternoon, I called friends to let them know that I was back in town, and that excellent things needed to happen, and they started happening. The last few months have been really difficult for me, and I have learned a lot of things about people that I used to respect and care for deeply, so it was really wonderful to be warmly received here by people who really do care about me, and value my friendship. I am not bitter about any of the things that have happened, and I am almost glad that they did happen, but I was feeling rather like Ariadne on the rocks. So it was really awesome to be scooped up and reminded of how excellent people can be, when they put their minds to it. Which is how I got invited to a Shabbat dinner.

It wasn’t precisely a Shabbat dinner, because most of the people were not Jewish, but it is a regular event held on Fridays, and wine and bread are blessed. So it’s a Shabbat. Anyway, after a rather hectic day, I headed over to Caspar in the afternoon to meet Brendan and an assortment of other people. The house where we were, oddly enough, is a house that I lived in very briefly as a young child, so that was kind of a trip. Brendan assured me that I would be welcome, and I was a little nervous at first about barging into someone else’s Shabbat dinner, but I should have had no worries.

Brendan and I went for a walk on the Headlands before ambling back to work on food and socialize. I breathed the fresh air deeply through my nose, which was not clogged with snot and grime for the first time in months. I felt…clean, and happy.

It was a splendid evening. I didn’t actually know most of the people there, but I felt very welcomed, like a part of a big joyous family. All sorts of delicious food was made and we sat down and the Shabbat candles were lit, the wine was blessed, and the delicious vegan challah was blessed as well before we dug in to a great meal. It was a great assortment of folks, one of whom was new to the area altogether, and everyone seemed to be having fun. It reminded me of a bittersweet dinner party among friends that happened a little over three months ago, when things were very different. How suddenly things can change, eh?

I feel sort of drifting and braindead right now, so it was really nice to sit down among loving people, relax, and not think about all of the things that are going on. I may have bills due, I may need to desperately find a house, and I may be fairly cut off, telecommunications wise, but it was good to be reminded that I do have friends, and that I can make more friends. I felt like tonight’s dinner was the beginning of a long association with wonderful, awesome people, and I am really looking forward to where it’s going next. Already, it is promised that I will be taught how to surf (finally, hooray!) Schemes were made for going to the river while we ate vegan cupcakes and good music played softly on the stereo while we groaned on the furniture. This, gentle readers, is why I came home.

And I do I feel like I am home again, after an extended tour of battle. I may feel somewhat adrift and lost, but I was made so instantly welcome by people who don’t know me at all that my faith in the world, and in people, is beginning to be restored. If I can be so graciously and lovingly welcomed into somone’s home…there is hope. All is not, in fact, lost, and that is a pretty excellent thing.

People I love whom I also saw today: 6 (including Brendan, Haddock, and the Sardine).
New people I would like to know more about met today: 8
Houses looked at today: 2
Houses rented today: 0

My troubles are over, and now I am at home.