River Day

Today was the first day at the river, since I don’t have internet yet and I cannot do anything productive as a result.

We cruised out to Navarro, which is not yet blooming, for the afternoon. It was pretty awesome. A little more chilly than I would have liked, which is partially my fault for dawdling when we should have been taking action, but it was nice to lie in the sand, drink beer, and dabble toes in the water. I went in a couple of times, just to say that I did, but the water was fairly cold and there was a stiff breeze, so I didn’t spend very much time submerged. The point, really, was to be there. The first day at the river always feels like the first real day of summer to me.

Tomorrow, I hope to accomplish much. Perhaps I will even end the day with internet of my very own, so that I can stop stealing moments here and there, like a thief in the night.