Life in the Hobbit Hole

I have a house!

It has a door like a hobbit hole, which is pretty excellent. It also has a small garden space, which is even more excellent. The cats seems to enjoy it, especially the lofts, and I think it will work out very well for the time being. Alas, the bathroom is rather spartan, but who doesn’t enjoy propping their feet on the hot water heater while peeing? Also, the toilet is rambunctious. We need to have a chat, the toilet and I. The kind of chat which ends in absolute obedience.

The neighbors are awesome and very sweet as well, which is nice.

It’s nice to be back in town. I wandered out a bit today, since it was so sunny and nice, and ran into several excellent people. Then, I staged a hostile takeover of a friend’s computer so that I could write this entry. We’re sitting in Headlands, watching the tourists go by. Juan and Lenore are doing a great job with the place: they’ve made a couple of changes which are most excellent, although I see that the menu has not changed at all. It’s good to know that some things will always remain fixed in time.

I am waiting impatiently until Tuesday, when I can do things like order a phone, establish a post office box, and transfer the electric into my name. Until then, I am enjoying my relaxation. It’s good to see old friends.

Although I do have a beef with tearing up Franklin Street in the middle of the summer. Who decided that was a good idea?