Glen Park

I learned yesterday that Fast Passes only go as far as Balboa Park on BART, just in case anyone is curious. Perhaps other people actually bother to read the information on the MUNI website about Fast Passes, so they already know this. But I didn’t.

It all started when I ran into some friends when I was heading into the City to restock at Library. They were heading in for coffee, so we made it a joint mission, heading to the library before going to Philz. After we were done and grabbed some burritos, we were all a little bored, so we decided to hop on BART and go for an adventure. Our adventure actually began at the 24th Street station, because a man had apparently fallen down the escalator, attracting a large crowd of emergency services personnel. I caught a glimpse of European sneakers and an alarmingly still body, and saw a blonde paramedic leaning over the patient while two firemen rushed down the stairs with a backboard.

I wonder sometimes about why we are so interested in the misfortune of others. I felt a sympathetic pain at the thought of falling down an escalator, because I had almost done the very same thing earlier. And the escalators at the Mission BART stops are long, too, so he could potentially have fallen quite a ways. Ugh.

Our original plan was to go Millbrae, and see what it was like, since none of us had been. However, we hopped a Daly City train, so when the train stopped at Daly City and booted us off, we decided to see what there was to be seen in Daly City. I’ve only been to the Daly City station once before, so it seemed like a world of opportunity, especially since we caught a glimpse of a big park.

Only…when you try to put a Fast Pass through a turnstile beyond Balboa Park, it flashes red and says “see agent.” So we got a dressing down for that and headed back towards downtown with our tails between our legs. Unwilling to give up entirely on the exploration mission, we jumped off at Glen Park, because none of us had ever been there.

My first impression of Glen Park was not favorable. The weather was gloomy, there was a freaky lady, and it looked weird. But we wandered a little further from the station and we found a totally awesome cheese store that also sold home made ravioli and an assortment of British imports. The lady looked at me strangely when I pulled out my cellphone to take a picture, so you’re going to have to take my word for it, but they had Marmite. We also discovered a rad grocery store with truly awful music playing over the intercom, and the most spectacular samples of fresh fruit. There was scrumptious water melon, and the best orange I have ever had. I was tempted to buy an orange, but I’m so terrible at picking oranges that I knew I’d pick a bad one. I resolved to go back when I actually needed groceries, because I saw all sorts of promising things like my favourite brand of Dutch cocoa, really good looking fresh fish, and the sexiest asparagus I have ever seen.

We wandered around for a little while longer and then took BART back whence we came, so that we could return to our Island home. I think one of my new missions is to visit every BART station I’ve never been to. The Glen Park one is actually quite nice, with marble and slate and brightly colored support beams. I think it may be the nicest BART station I have personally experienced, actually, although I did not appreciate the gust of wind which almost absconded with my Fast Pass. Who knows what other delights may lie in store within the BART system!

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