Fantastic Fava

Still no internet. I’m rather proud of myself for stealing people’s laptops long enough to keep updating, although my updates may be brief and a little more dull than usual. But today, we are back to one of my favourite topics: food!

I cruised over to the farmers’ market today, since it’s only a block away from the new house. The fact that I always live right next door to the farmers’ market has become a running joke among our friends. The new location is a little more rustic than the old one, since it is in a field, but it was fairly awesome. Lots of goodies.

I love going to the farmers’ market because I never know what I’m eating until I get there, and then all these meals suddenly fall together out of thin air. Today, I noticed that they had fava beans, and a scheme took place in my mind. I decided to invite F over for dinner, and that fava beans would be the centerpiece. A quick trip to Roundman’s Smokehouse for some sausage completed the mission.

The primary component of the dinner was the fava beans, which I used to make a Portugese inspired dish. I sauteed fresh spring garlic with red pepper flakes, tossed in the fava beans along with some finely chopped tomatoes, and then added some turducken sausages. I added water to cover, along with vegetable boullion, salt, and pepper, and then covered the whole deal with a big lid while I simmered some wild rice and lentils in a separate pan.

The result was…rather delicious. F said that she hadn’t thought of lentils and favas as going together, but it was awesome. The green garlic added a delicate flavor which was less aggressive than dried garlic. The fava and sausage dish was a little soupy, and the thick broth covered the lentils and wild rice deliciously. F seemed to approve as well, which seemed like a good sign for the first formal dinner in my new home.

We followed with fruit…Gowan’s Oak Tree had totally awesome cherries, so we had cherries and watermelon for dessert. All in all, a good evening, I think, with a lot of great local food.