Dial This

We will be experiencing a service interruption for several days, gentle readers, as I am in the middle of nowhere and only have access to dialup. Once things settle down again, I’ll back for a real, honest to God update.

I had forgotten how…excruciating…dialup can be. I must say, I am impressed with the lean configuration of the Movable Type interface, yet another reason to love Movable Type. It takes around, oh, 10-15 seconds to load a page. As opposed to three minutes for my Gmail. It’s a good exercise in calmness. I am trying to view it as a chance to meditate.

At any rate, it is overcast and gloomy where I am, with thin threads of fog winding through the trees. And quiet. I had not realized that the Bay Bridge creates a dull hum in the background which whispers to me throughout the night until I wonder why the night is so quiet. The cats have been peering out the windows here, longing to come outside. It’s also a bit cold, a far cry from the blasting warmth of central heat. I imagine that I will probably go for a walk later, feet slicing through tall, damp grass.

I looked up the Chronicle’s online edition today (3 minutes to load). I see that nothing is collapsing in my absence, although I am intrigued by the trials and tribulations of Ed Jew. It’s beginning to seem like something out of some fantastic film. I am waiting for some new revelation, like a whorehouse in Noe Valley or investments in crooked toaster manufacturing companies.

Over and out.